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The National Beach Lifeguard Qualification requires a minimum of 32 hours for a new candidate, although exemptions may apply to holders of the following awards:

A current Bronze Medallion or higher award - 12 hours
A Life Support 3 Award - 6 hours
A First Aid at work qualification - 9 hours

Regardless of current qualification a candidate may not be awarded more than 12 hours off the stipulated minimum of 31 hours for Unit 1.

  1. You must be 16 years old or above to train to be a Beach Lifeguard.
  2. We do not run intensive Lifeguard Programmes.
  3. We offer the minimum of 10 hours training per year on our Open Water Events and a maximum of 3 hours training per week on club nights Monday and Wednesday. Please see Club Nights page for Venue and times.
  4. You must be able to attend the Wednesday evening Theory session between 7-8pm (there is a pool session afterwards).
  5. As we run a rolling programme anyone can join the programme at any time but you must complete all aspects of this and the required number of hours to a satisfactory level before being entered into the Assessment.
  6. You must become a member of the Club
  7. You must take the Life Support 3 award. This is a RLSS qualification and is the highest Life Support award.

We run around 10 Open Water events each year. The various open water qualifications that take place at our venues include the National Beach Lifeguard, Assistant Beach Lifesaver along with the Emergency Response Outdoor Activity for Supervisors and the Bronze and Silver Crosses.

The Emergency Response Outdoor Activity for Supervisors is a test of competence in accident prevention, Water Rescue and Life Support for those overseeing others at a recognised site used for activities in or near open water.

The Assistant Beach Lifesaving Award will be carried out by an RLSS Beach Trainer Assessor.

A Lifesaving Trainer Assessor may conduct and assess three sections of this award or anyone with the Bronze Medallion would meet the criteria, Theory/Land Practical/Pool. However a Beach Trainer would conduct the Beach section.

Candidates renewing the National Beach Qualification must adhere to 20 hours of ongoing training covering the complete range of skills over a two year period. Where training records are not produced the assessment will not take place.

Debdale Outdoor Centre and Fleetwood YMCA Leisure Centre offer us excellent facilities for our requirements which are needed to comply with our Risk Assessment.

Please contact the club through the contact page for current prices or if you have any questions that are not covered by the above.

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